Recommended Maintenance & Sealers Product Guide

Product Cleaner Sealer
Slate UltracareTM Stone Cleaner Heavy Duty Granquartz 355E Matte Colour Enhancer

Colour enhancing silicone impregnator intended for use on honed and textured stone only.


Granquartz 357E Colour Enhancer Satin Gloss

Modified acrylic sealer/colour enhancer intended for use on textured stone only.

Marble and Travertine UltracareTM Stone Cleaner Heavy Duty Granquartz 314P Premium Impregnator

Silicone impregnator suitable for use on all natural stones with a natural appearance regardless of finish type.


Granquartz 313P Water Based Sealer

Water based impregnator that offers protection from both oil and water borne stains. 313P is easy and safe to use, and has no smell.

Porcelain UltracareTM Tile and Grout Cleaner Granquartz 433P Porcelain Floor Impregnator

The highest quality stain protection available for porcelain tile. It is specifically formulated for high density materials like porcelain, and is suitable for all finish types.

Tile Maintenance Products